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Helpful links:

Here are some helpful links that will tell you more about the advantages of using professionally produced, high quality compost for your garden:

U.S. Composting Council Consumer Use Program.
This program, from the U.S. trade association for professional composters, offers package labelling that helps to identify the types of uses that a compost product will be good for. Those uses are: Trees & Shrubs, Flower & Vegetable Gardens and Lawns.

Organic Gardening Magazine.
Covering ways to grow better food without using chemicals in the soil, Organic Gardening is one of the most highly read gardening magazines in the world.

eHow: What is soil?.
The biology of soil and its physical properties are the subject of study for agronomists, soil and materials scientists as well as engineers.

Organic Fertilizers 101.
Compost is the "Cadillac" of organic fertilizers, says this article from the National Gardening Association

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